My chickens had quite a serious case of black mite around their bottoms. Their feathers were starting to fall off and they simply looked sick. I put more Nature Formula in. A good table spoon a day and did not miss a day. Within a week the mite had totally gone and now they look so healthy I’m amazed!


Nature formula has helped our horses’ digestion and has put a gloss on their coats.

We have been feeding Nature Formula for about 18 months daily on their food. Their effluent is not so smelly and we have not wormed our horses in this time. We have not seen worms in their poo.

Our horses look very healthy and they are performing very well.
This formula has helped us get our horses into good condition for showing.

Mercury Bay
Equestrian Academy
Paula Fawcett


My talk with Matt – 19 November 2019
Matt Caslte 50/50 Share Milking at Kopwai Farm. Used Nature Formula for two years.
He wanted to buy the brand but shareholders in Japan wouldn’t allow it. Say’s it is an
amazing product. He was interested in investing 100k to get the product scientifically tested
and branded.
He says the following:
Significant difference in coat and overall condition of cows. It helped their feed be
utilized better.
・Great improvement with cow’s feet. Less infections, less lame-ness . Hooves
become hard and robust. Used a lot less penicillin – cheaper and better for
animal’s gut.
・Second year he was able to go to once a day milking which is good for the cows.
・Most obvious improvement was the rise in conception rate and therefore calf rate.
He believes Nature Formula gave animal’s healther urinal track, healthier cervix.
NF reduces emonia levels in pee which is an environmental issue and therefore something
to talk to local environment specialist about. ( Matt did this himself but then decided to drop
it all due to a shift in career path)
One problem with it is its clash with chlorine. Fumio makes it affordable.


Hi Fumio,

I have been using it on the sick calf, interestingly after 35mls twice they bounce back.
I have been putting a ltr in the 35 calf milk mob, they are looking good.
I’m down to half a bottle so will get some more soon.



We have been using Nature’s Formula probiotics for four years now. We rear approximately 1000 calves per year, and have been rearing for nearly 30 years. In that time we have realised the importance of probiotics in the growth & development of a healthy calf. We use it as an additive in their milk, each day, until weaned. We have used other forms of probiotics, to varying degrees of success. We have found Nature’s formula probiotics to be superior to other products we have previously used, and it is also very user friendly and cost effective. EPL also provides a very professional service backed by Fumio’s knowledge and expertise. He is willing to spend individual time with customers, ensuring all our needs are covered, and everything is explained well. We would highly recommend this product, and will continue to use it as long as we rear calves.

Chris & Karyn

Puketotara Farm
Chris & Karyn Coxhead
07 8673062


Nature Formula has improved my cows’ health. Their discharge is not so smelly, the effluent is not so smelly, and the fiber in the effluent has halved. This means a much better product to put back on the farm improving grass nutrition and the cycle continues. We notice the cows move a whole lot faster than they used to, which tells me they are feeling well. They head towards the milking shed as if they are asking to be milked because they are heavy with milk. I absolutely feel that Nature Formula is to thank for the above improvements on the farm.

Kelvin Thomas
Broadlands Road Reporoa


Nature formula has such a wide range of uses; it is hard to decide where to begin.
For me the most astonishing aspect is the elimination of bad odours, and also the beneficial effect it has on all kinds of life forms.

From the chickens to the worms in my compost bin and the plants in my garden, all seem to thrive on it..
First my husband treated his smelly gumboots with it, and now he never has smelly socks or feet after a hard day’s work since he is using it, not even in hot weather.
Then I put some into the chook food and the next time I killed a rooster, there was no more smell at all when I gutted him. I even tried some raw chicken sushi and it was delicious.
We had our water tested, because I often had tummy trouble when drinking it without first boiling and when we left a bottle of water overnight in a warm spot, it developed a very unpleasant sulphurous smell . It was found that there was a low level of E.coli in our water supply.

Since we add Nature Formula to the water tank, the water has never been bad again, it always tastes fresh and pleasant.
Not to mention that our compost bin and the composting toilet never get smelly, and the compost seems to break
down a lot faster than it used to do when I add N.F.
Even making my own fish fertilizer, has become much less smelly with those friendly bacteria breaking it down fast,
and the tomato plants love it even more with soil improving little bugs in it.
Oh, and it’s very useful for making kimchi, and it’s also an excellent sourdough starter, and so I could
go on and on and on about its many uses.
Mara from Kuaotunu

Please note: Nature Formula is defined as an agricultural compound under the Agricultural Compounds and Veterinary Medicines (ACVM) Act. We do not have a licence to sell for human consumption so please use at you own discretion.