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All Pupose Type

For Animal
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For Animal

The “All Pupose” type Natures Formula can also be used for dairy farms and is mainly used during the calving season to eliminate odour, increase health and condition and help growth and development of calves. “All Pupose” type can also be used for life style animals such as chickens, dogs, horses, pigs and cats to improve health and decrease odour.

“All Pupose” type is our base Nature Formula, it’s potent formula helps healing of small cuts and burns, decreases odour and overall increase in health and animal condition. The bacteria’s used in the making of this product are safe under the ATCC which is the Global Bioresource Centre which monitors the microorganisms which can be safely used around the world.


We advise you to use the following amounts for the following animals:

Calves = 5 – 35mls per Calve daily
Pigs = 1-5mls per Pig daily
Chickens = 1ml daily per 10x Chickens. “All Pupose” type can be easily mixed into milk supply/water supply, food or given orally. If the animal you would be interested in feeding our product to is not above please contact us to arrange measurement of dosage.

The “All Pupose” type has a shelve life of up to 1 year if kept in the correct conditions –

The price of the “All Pupose” type is
$115 per 10L (excluding GST)
$30 per 750ml (excluding GST)
*additional costs apply for shipping.
◊ Keep airtight.
◊ Keep out of direct sunlight.
◊ Store at room temperature.
◊ Keep away from other chemicals.

Please contact us to arrange a FREE farm or house consultation, if using for household animals please contact us to place an order or for any queries.



For Garden

Increase your garden’s resilience to illness with Nature Formula – All Pupose
Nature Formula is made on 309 Road. Essentially Nature Formula = Effective Microorganisms.

There is a famous product called EM that originates from Japan. Fumio’s product is based on this but is original in its ingredients and formula.

NF helps to improve soils and enhance crops by combining beneficial microorganisms which exist in nature but can become sluggish. The microbial inoculation from Nature Formula activates local and native microorganisms that live in soil and water to boost performance.

Due to the diverse combination of microbes, Nature Formula can be used in a wide scope of applications. It is used in numerous fields including agriculture, animal husbandry and environmental purification.

A sub category of NF called NK can radically help with mildew by spraying on leaves. And regular Nature Formula can help with mildew by giving strength to the plants to fight for itself.

When a plant has too much mildew the plant dies, with NK you can spray all whitened areas 30/1 dilution. After 3 days you will notice the white disappearing. If you give your plant NF regularly and then spray NK on leaves when you need to, the plant should thrive.

5/1 dilution but only spray a little once. They should drop off. If they come back spray again, a little once. It is true however that there are some very strong aphids it does not work so well with.

Green House Fungal
1/1 dilution spray to get rid of this fungal.