Nature Formula – Horse Support

Horse support is Fantastic.

Our local Mercury Bay
Equestrian Academy member, Paula Fawcett says this:

Nature formula has helped our horses’ digestion and has put a gloss on their coats.
We have been feeding Nature Formula for about 18 months daily on their food. Their effluent is not so smelly and we have not wormed our horses in this time. We have not seen worms in their poo.
Our horses look very healthy and they are performing very well.
This formula has helped us get our horses into good condition for showing.


About Horse Support – How it works its wonders.

Horse support gives a boost of health to the intestinal flora / gut microbes of the Horse.
When the gut flora/ macrobiota is unbalanced, disease is easy to develop. The gut plays a huge role in metabolism, uptake of nutrients and you want your gut flora to be in optimal condition to ensure healthy body functions.
As well as the important roles of extracting energy and nutrients from food , the gut microbiota contain trillions of microorganisms that participate in various physiological functions, including vitamin production, maintenance of intestinal cell, development of the immune system and neutralization of pathogens, drugs and toxins.
Horse Support takes longer to make than regular Nature Formula, giving the bacteria time to increase in load and strength. Horses are strong but as they require more food than say a cow, so do they need more help with their condition to maintain their strength.

•Please Note:
Nature Formula can not be mixed with chlorinated water.
Ingredients: Original bacteria starter mixed with molasses, sucrose, vitamins and minerals.

NZ Food and Safety Accredit
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