Environment Preservation Laboratories Ltd produce a product called Nature Formula, made on the Coromandel Peninsula in New Zealand. The original bacteria used in Nature Formula comes from Japan and has been used in Japan for many years as an organic agricultural compound with only beneficial effects on all life forms.

We produce two different types of products, the Mo type and the V+B type formulas. They are both used widely on farms to help improve animal well-being. Please see our testimonials for how Nature Formula has helped others and which of the above products would suit you.

Our farmers have found that Nature Formula helps to eliminate bloat, down cows, facial eczema, and various other aliments. Farms have noted needing less or no antibiotics when using Nature Formula.

We hope to help you have healthy, happy well producing animals and to ensure the environment is not harmed in the process. We start this by doing a FREE farm consultation and water sampling to ensure our ATCC approved pro biotic product will work the way we intend it to.