Nature Formula – Make your Own

Make your Own Cheap & Efficient

Nature Formula is beneficial for all animals but is used extensively for dairy cows to help maintain their overall health. Farmers have told us after using Nature Formula they particularly notice lower empty rates and less problems with birthing overall. Nature Formula helps with bloat, facial eczema, magnesium deficiency, and most minor infections. “Make your Own” type Nature Formula is the most affordable of our products and because it can be easily made on the farm by you.

Our “Make your Own” type Nature Formula contains minerals, vitamins, proteins, glucose and molasses and a large variety of beneficial bacteria. The aim of the brewing is to strengthen the bacteria making it a concentrated tonic, full of powerhouse probiotics.
To get the most out of this product you are advised to base the amount on 10/35mls per cow per day, this is dependent on the amount of “All pupose” type in the mixture of “Make your Own” type and also seasonal conditions, you may need to give them more during the facial eczema period etc. The “Make your Own” type can be put into the water supply through a Peta System or Water Dispenser or you can mix it into the cows molasses, their hay and their kernels.

Note you can not mix it with CHLORINE.

Making the “Make your Own” type is very easy and can be done almost anywhere, although it is important that the space and utensils used are clean. Once you have made a batch we will take a sample and test the pH of that sample regularly at the lab to ensure the bacteria is stable, we will contact you if you need to balance it although this is rare. We can also make the product for you.

Please contact us for pricing and how to order.