EPL – Environment Preservation Laboratories LTD

EPL Ltd produce a product called Natures Formula which is made locally on the Coromandel Peninsula in New Zealand. We produce two different types of products, the Mo type and the V+B type, both are intended for animal consumption to improve cow and calf health, development, production and cow fertility. Our product also eliminates bloat, down cows, facial eczema and also odour and effluent problems.


We currently have a range of clients such as calf rearers, dairy farmers, beef and sheep farmers and household or lifestyle animals who are all benefitting from using our product. Currently we are making two products. The Mo type is produced for dairy cows, to help maintain their health and condition as well as eliminating frequent occurrences and increase in production. It is the most affordable of our products and can be easily made on farm by you, for more information please visit the product tab above. The V+B type is also for dairy farmers and is mainly used during the calving season to eliminate odour and increase health and condition and help growth and development. Although V+B type can be used also for a range of animals such as, chickens, dogs, horses, and cats to improve health. For more information about this product please go to the product tab above.

Our job is help you produce healthy and well producing animals and we start this by doing a FREE farm consultation and water sampling to ensure our ATCC approved bacteria will work the way we intend in to with the water on your farm and we will do everything in our willpower to help make your water work with our products. Please contact us if you have any queries or to arrange a farm consultation. Also like us on facebook for updates from some of the farms who are currently using our products.